Your School’s Solution to Student Enrichment and Intervention Scheduling

Giving teachers the ability to schedule struggling students to the support they need, while offering extended learning opportunities for the others, all in a single system.

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Design a schedule that fits the needs of your school. Teachers plan offerings, creating personalized learning opportunities for their students. Teachers can restrict flexes for certain groups.

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Teachers can request a student to attend a specific flex offering to get the help they need. If requested, students cannot override their schedule; otherwise, students have the flexibility to choose their flex to accommodate their needs.

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Hold students accountable by ensuring they are showing up to their scheduled classes. Use the included attendance reports to show which classes and teachers students are attending and requesting.

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FlexiSCHED is an all-in-one program that tracks and maintains student schedules and attendance records of where students go for targeted intervention periods or high-engagement enrichment periods. It is designed to be “flexible” so schools can fit it into their own school culture and philosophy to better help their teachers help their students.

FlexiSCHED links students to their default teachers and those default teachers schedule the students to attend either an intervention period if they need the extra time and support or an enrichment offering if they are in good standing. Students can also schedule themselves into flex offerings to get the support and enrichment they need.

Student and teacher


Freedom to build their own schedule to accommodate their needs.


Create customized learning plans to tailor for students needs.


Automate daily tasks to focus on what matters, the students, so that no student gets left behind.


Flexible scheduling tool providing targeted learning. Schedule interventions and enrichments in the same system with built in attendance and reporting.

Single System

Schedule struggling students to the support they need while giving extended learning opportunities for others, all in a single system.

Teacher Requests

Teachers can request/require a student to attend a specific “Flex Period”, once requested, a student cannot override it.

Schedule Options

Start with the basic single flex period or expand to multiple periods per day.

Simple Interface

Designed by teachers for teachers; not just another “tool” teachers have to learn to use.


Use the included attendance and accountability reports to show what classes and teachers students are attending and requesting.

Student Voice

Students are given the opportunity to self-select the interventions they need; creating personalized learning pathways.


Synchronize data directly from Clever or ClassLink to have the most up-to-date data. Sync attendance to your school information system.


Automate daily tasks so administration can focus on what matters most: the students.

Choose Your Sign In

Choose between Google, Microsoft, Clever, or ClassLink to securely sign in. 


Schedule students and plan flex offerings ahead of time.


Access various custom reports to get the data you need.


Customize the site settings to your preferences.

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