Gap Year

Your site has been archived with your Gap Year Plan.  See below for your FlexiSCHED options this year.



Gap Year Process

What is the Gap Year?

Your school has made the decision to take advantage of our Gap Year Plan, so what does that mean?

Your site has been archived for the 20-21 school year but it is ready to be active at a moment’s notice.  We are just a support ticket away to assisting you with your new setup for the remainder of your school year.  If FlexiSCHED doesn’t look like an option for you this school year, no need to worry!  Your site will stay archived until we start the Back to School Refresh process in July 2021.  Notifications will be sent over the summer on how to prep your site for the new year.

Questions on how to utilize FlexiSCHED this year?

We know schools are facing challenges with incorporating their flex time in their new schedules.  Give us a call and we are happy to offer solutions to keep your flex time running this school year.

Ready to setup your site?

Click the link below to put in a support ticket to start your site refresh setup.

What is the Refresh process?

Once your site is pulled from the archives, you will begin the refresh process with assistance from us.  Your FlexiSCHED Solution Architect will guide you on what is need for your site uploads and provide you with a 60 minute training for your leadership team on the new features in FlexiSCHED.

Thank you for continuing to choose FlexiSCHED.

Your support is appreciated!

We look forward to working with you again soon.


We are 24/7 available

Have one of your three authorized support user put in a support ticket.