• School decides which day will be "scheduling day" (most often Monday)
  • Students report to their homeroom and meet with their faculty advisor on Scheduling Day
  • Advisor and student consult district's Student Information System (SIS) regarding their progress and growth in the subjects they're currently enrolled in.
  • Advisor logs into FlexiSCHED and schedules the student according to what was discussed for the rest of the week. (Tuesday - Friday)
  • Teachers have the ability to log into FlexiSCHED and "request" a student to attend their intervention period on a specific day(s). This request will be seen by the advisor as they are scheduling the student and can be discussed.
  • Students are initially assigned based on academic need to meet with individual teachers during the Intervention Period.
  • If a student is caught up in all academic areas, the student can schedule quiet study, enrichment or club activities.
  • At 11pm on Schedule Day, an email will be generated and sent to the students (if students have email accounts) showing their schedule for the next week of intervention periods.
  • When the student is absent during Scheduling Day, the advisor can schedule on behalf of the student.  When the student returns he/she will report to a school designee to make and changes to his/her schedule.
  • Students report to assigned or requested classroom for intervention, enrichment or club activities.
  • Teachers log into FlexiSCHED and take attendance. (This attendance will need to be manually entered back into the district's SIS)
  • School personnel and principals can use FlexiSCHED to "look-up" where wandering students should report in real-time and on the fly.
  • Once a week, after all intervention and enrichment periods have been offered, FlexiSCHED will have to be manually reset and cleared for next week's schedule. Usually this happens on Friday, and gives teachers until Monday to determine which students they need to schedule for the upcoming week.
  • Class Limits ... teachers/departments can determine and set class maximums on a per day basis.  In other words, Mr. Madison could have the following class limits set for the week.  Tues=15  Wed=20 Thurs=30 Fri=15
  • Reports ...